Saturday, 23 January 2010

New character approaches!

I can't believe I forgot to post this!
I drew these just after midnight on new year's eve. After the party I returned to my hotel room and started watching some movie with Robert De Niro in, and I had such an itch to draw.

That's when I noticed the complimentary note pad and pen on the desk, and I immediately got to work on this fella.


I call it a bangaroo, mainly because me and my sister's boyfriend concluded that it looked like a cross between a bear and kangaroo. Though it's a lot smaller than both of those animals xD

It's more of a screw ball character really, he's tiny and completely twisted!

The species name might not stick, if you have any better ideas, go ahead and let me know :)

Reference sheet coming soon!

I also played around with the smooth setting on the paint brush tool in Flash, look I drew a dog to prove it :P


I was also cutting up the silhouette of the dog and though it would make an interesting drop shadow xD

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