Sunday, 14 February 2010

"We will love them on the beaches, we will love them on the shore, but we will never love them with cheesey Valentines day gifts and soppy love movies!" the speech given by Winston Churchill on V-day *shot*

Happy Valentines Day everyone, I hope you spent time with loved ones, whether it was a partner or friends :)

In unrelated news, I've been doing sketches all today in preparation for my first animation workshop which I will be attending at my college tomorrow, I'm really hoping to learn a lot from the professionals :D I'll be sure to take photos and post what I get up to!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Animated Animal Alphabet and Wolfie and the Dragon

Want to know what I've been up to cartoon-wise recently? No? But I bet you're curious just a little bit now huh? ...still no? Then go to hell >:C

But before you go to hell, I figured I'd show you what's been eating up most of my time, other than college of course!

This is a project for college where I am to create an A-Z of what ever I like; I chose animals and chose to make it into an animation. I call it, the Animated Animal Alphabet, pretty catchy huh? :D

Of course, my knowledge of animals is limited, but thanks to the kind (and weird) folks of Furaffinity, I quickly had a list of animals from A - Z and soon I was putting it together. Here are just a few that I've made so far!

My time is limited, and so are my animation skills, so although I tried keeping the details true
to the animals, I had to make some minor changes so that they'd be easier to animate
(like I removed a lot of the tentacles because otherwise it'd just get too complicated!)

Wolfie and the Dragon

This is a commission for a friend of mine on FA, he's asked for his character to solve a dragon problem, in a short cartoon and said that's it...I can do it any way I like...YES XD

Of course It'll be mostly Frame by Frame, here is what I've done so far :)

Photobucket We start off with a panning shot across a series of posters and news paper cut-outs, that tell us the basis of the story. A dragon is terroising the city, a wolf steps in to help, he fails and he is forced to flee into a cave outside the city by the dragon. There he observes the arrogant beast and plans his last and final attack. The panning ends with us seeing a battered Wolfie drawing up his new plans.
Things aren't going so well for him.
There were a lot of things that were new to me, like animating paper being screwed up, a lot of paper was screwed up by me to get the feeling just right.
Frame by frame goodness!

This is Denver, the of the show. I really enjoy making expressions for this guy, mainly because he's my own design and creation, where as Woflie isn't. But I enjoyed animating them both!

I figured a normal walk wouldn't do for this character, I wanted to show just how much of a basta...antagonist he was, just by how he approached his next target - a factory. Every movement Denver does is over the top, it means more animating, but I really don't mind.

Even just stopping himself in his walk was more than just stopping, I wanted it to be exaggerated!
Lots of stretching was used to emphasise movement!
I wanted to portray this guy as an exaggerator, an arrogant bully that dramatises everything, like in this last shot

Well I hope you enjoyed this longer than usual post, I just thought it would be something nice to share with you :) You should expect both of these to be finished this year, More screen shots will be posted though, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hi how are you? :)

Out of the 5 Universities that I applied to, one has gotten back to me to say they want me in for an interview YAY!

I'm currently putting together a portfolio for it, I hope I get accepted, because, otherwise, I'm out of options XD ; It's on the 16th!

I'm sorry for the lack of (decent) art lately, I've been swamped with college work and various other stressful things, and I can never draw when in that kind of mood. :C


I did manage to draw this:


Sorry to the people who are offended by drunk cartoons :(

Was working with brush pens again, I think I will colour this soon :D

My lecturer also liked some of my New York photos and suggested that I should frame them and sell them, so I'm also doing that. Would anyone be interested in buying some artsy photos? =D

If you want to see some of them, here they are! Don't forget I took 971 photos, so feel free to contact me if you want to see any more xD

I'm also getting a book I made a year ago published too, more on this, as this develops :)