Saturday, 5 December 2009

Let me introduce myself

Well I decided to make an account on here, so here I am :)
I'm an art student from the South West of England in the UK, and I'm currently studying to become a cartoonist, illustrator and animator.
I love cartoons so much! I love drawing them, watching them and researching about them and learning from the professionals! I know a lot of people on the web who share my passion and that's why I'm here :D

I do other stuff, like mountain biking, and travelling a lot! But you'll mostly be seeing cartoons, animations and a bit of photography from me on here. I guess to start, let me show you a few things I've done recently.

And then the image button broke, haha.

And here are a few of my animations, admittedly I haven't made many recently:


Well there's a couple of my drawings and animations, but you'll definitely be seeing more of them! So stay tuned for Daz Toons! :D

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  1. hey hey hey , lol :D, i give you a hi and welcome to the Blogspots :D

    Att. Mamei799 :D